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DATURA PORNO is a home cdr label from Lithuania since 2003 (+ netlabel), focusing on raw punk/crust, bedroom grind, weird metal, lo-fi disco, power/idiot electronix, fun/shit noise and other ugly, odd, exotic & unusual "music" from all over the world. All releases are handmade collectibles with original laminated packages. Send i.m.o. or cash -- 10 euros (Europe) / 15 us bucks (world) [ppd. incl.] for any item to: Glib Maltsev, K.Mindaugo 33-26, 44301 Kaunas, Lithuania, EU.
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Fckn fast, obscene & dirty unreleased lives & rehearsals from the best aussy punk band ever!! 70 trax!!
Topics: punk, hardcore, crust, crustcore, grind, grindcore, fastcore, thrash, thrashcore, rupture, gus...
Raw punky cossack pornogrind from Ukraine with girl (!!) on bass.
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Topics: grind, grindcore, porno-grind, gore-grind, ukraine
Ukrainian answer to CERAMIC HOBS!! Totally amazing five-year retrospective of the closed-circuit noisy schizophrenic crew from Kiev, guided by mad punk Kissinger.
Topics: schizophrenia, punk, noise, ukraine, ceramic hobs, smell & quim, wagstaff, pichismo, kiev,...
Japanese harsh noise idol Masami Akita (秋田昌美) on stage of lithuanian Contemporary Art Center.
Topics: noise, harsh noise, masami akita